damasqueros RESTAURANT

Today I had lunch at Damasqueros which is on the Michelin guide. The restaurant’s exterior is unassuming but the interior is really nicely done. It’s a great date spot with romantic and calm vibes. I really liked that it was a quieter restaurant which is different than the hustle and noise of most tapas spots. The service was really attentive and I liked supporting a woman owned business/chef.

Clockwise starting from the top left: 1) warm soup with chicken meatball, 2) GAZPACHUELO Malagueño + BACALAO Marinado y Limón, 3) RICOTTA + CHORIZO de Güejar, Rebozuelo y TRUFA Fresca., 4) CALAMAR FRITO, Zanahorias y Bulgur Ecológico, 5) CANELÓN DE TERNERA, Boniato Asado y Puerro, 6) CHOCOLATES Y AVELLANA»

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